Automobiles are very important for our day to day activities, without a functioning automobile, movement and running errands will be difficult, having the right tool kit and equipment is important for the maintenance of a car. Maintenance tools and equipment like automobile fluid, Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner, car battery, Motor Gear Oil, Engine Oil, Diagnostic Car Scanner Toolkit, Battery Booster cable, Car Fuel Saver, Vent Stick Air Freshener, Hydraulic Jack, Entertainment Systems and more are all available on Shopxtraa at affordable prices.  Find the best Car Navigation, USB chargers, Rounded Auto Car Rear View Camera and more on Shopxtraa.

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Buying automobile parts online can be very tricky because some sellers may sell fake automobile parts and this will affect the health of the car. With Shopxtraa, we assure you of the best automobile tools. We have categories of car parts like tire, car mirror, car windows, radiator, AC compressor, battery, alternator, axle, brake, shock absorbers, catalytic converter, fuel tank, kick, Nussle and many more.  Find different types of quality car accessories on shopxtraa at the best price in Nigeria.

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Are you interested in selling automobile parts online? Then you are in right place. You can earn extra income by selling automobile parts online with Shopxtraa.  All you have to do is register your business details with Shopxtraa and start selling on Nigeria’s most popular online marketplace. Register today and start making more sales. Registration is free. Have a wonderful shopping/selling experience!


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