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Electronic devices over time have undoubtedly made life easier, organizations and institutions around the globe can barely function every day without the use of one form of electronics or the other. This to a large extent explains how important electronics has been over the years and will always be. It is basically an essential commodity.  There is no doubt that the consistent increase in technological advancement has also helped to improve our use of electronics over time. Electronic devices such as Dvd players, ipads , desktop computers, printers, mobile phones, iPods, laptops, fans, washing machines, televisions, game consoles, video cameras, radio, music mixers and an oven can be easily accessible on various e-commerce stores as well as online shopping sites. However, With the large number of e-commerce sites and online shopping sites competing with the local markets with regards to pricing, the major challenge has always been where to access electronics that are genuine as well as affordable. With shopxtraa you will not just find the electronics but at affordable prices that you can trust.



Shopxtraa offers you genuine electronic products at the best affordable prices you can get around Nigeria. Our electronic products and accessories are of high quality designed to suit your electronic needs.  You sure want to get the best with your purchasing power ‘money’ with our electronic bundles and electronic accessories, you wouldn’t have to click on any other online store in Nigeria. Look no further as shopxtraa will henceforth be your one-stop shop. With our various electronic accessories ranging from Digital Cameras, MP3 players, Audio systems, Televisions, Headphones and many others.

Also available are electronic products from top brands they include; Samsung, Canon, LG, hp, Sony, Sharp e.t.c.  Furthermore, you also stand to enjoy our quick delivery service within Nigeria as well as a robust discount this explains that at shopxtraa you get budget-friendly services every time you purchase any of our electronics and accessories. Hence buy your electronics on shopxtraa with the assurance that, our electronics products will not only be easily accessible but pocket friendly as well as on high quality.


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