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The arrival of a baby can be both exciting and exhausting in the family because there is always so much to do, with activities ranging from shopping baby essentials wears for the baby. It is important to provide the babies with the most needed kit such as playing tools. The importance of having the right baby clothes and accessories for any type of weather cannot be over emphasized. ShopXtraa takes away the stress of baby shopping because you can sit in your comfort zone and select your preferred baby kits and they will be delivered to your doorstep.

From the time of conception to the time of birth and thereafter, babies rely solely on their parents to provide all the necessary things they need to grow and this needs a lot of work because they need nurturing and good care. Taking care of a baby requires a lot of work especially when you want to provide them with the right kits.

If you are looking for a place to buy your baby’s kits, ShopXtraa got you covered. Buy and sell the best of baby wears and accessories with us. ShopXtraa sells the best collections of wears for your babies such as clothes, shoes, accessories and many others. We have items ranging from the cutest baby clothes to baby diapers; you’ll find it all at ShopXtraa.

Sell your products on Nigeria most popular marketplace. Create an online store with ShopXtraa where you can reach a more stable customer base.

Buy and Sell your Baby and Moms products online

ShopXtraa is a free online store where people come together to buy and sell the product online. ShopXtraa is an easier and fasters way of shopping online. As a seller, all you do is register with your details and follow the procedure for your ads and become live on our platform. Now your product can reach society and you will start earning money while sitting at home. Some the product includes Baby’s diaper, babies so we advise that see the product you are purchasing before making payment and make sure you see the seller in an open place.  We are delighted in your satisfaction and happiness.

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